Without A Public Persona You Are Nothing

Unless you prefer the anonymity and value your utter privacy, then perhaps this introductory note is not for you. But professionally speaking, no matter what your personality (shy, outgoing, it makes no difference) you would still wish to attract notice from others. But while you might be the most diligent and gifted craftsman or bookkeeper in town, hardly anyone seems to notice, even if you have results to show for the good work you have done over the last few months or so.

Because for every solid numbers-woman out there, you can pretty much calculate there’s going to be twenty more, perhaps just as good but usually always one or two are better. And for every bespoke glassmaker there is in your area, there’s going to be a few more. And one more might just have a global reputation by now. That gifted person may not necessarily have become a global phenomenon through sheer talent.

He could just as easily have invested a certain amount of time and some money in public relations work. Work, if it is to be completed successfully, needs to be done professionally, surely. Doing your own PR work while still trying to focus on your trades can be laborious. No matter how gregarious or smart with words you may be, for this type of work, you’ll need to have what is known as the gift of the gab.

public relations

It is an innate skill, to be sure, and is not going to capture the imagination of the public overnight. And by the way, this public relations man, or woman, knows people you don’t. You might have customers in mind, but he or she knows better. Knows who they are, where they’re hiding, how to hook them.