Adding Hair Through Extensions

For many of us we are judged by the hair we have on our head. For many men however, it is turning into a race who has the sexiest bald head. For women it is a totally different situation. if you don’t have hair or your hair is just not right, they start to feel bad. For these women they turn to hair extensions.

With hair extensions they can add to their natural hair. They can change up their look and even become someone totally different. When it comes to these wonders, exactly how hair extensions work?

What is a hair extension really?

Many people think that hair extensions are fake hair. This is not the case at all.  Hair extensions are real hairs and there is a whole science behind it so that they can bond to your natural hair. They use keratin bonds on your natural hair so that you can style your new growth of hair just like your own.

Who should wear extensions?

how hair extensions work

Anyone who wants to add lengths or volume to their hair or  who wants to achieve length that otherwise is impossible with their natural hair type.  Hair extensions are not just for supermodels or actresses, they can be worn by anyone without any problem.

There are different types of extension on the market today and each one has a different method for application, so it is important that you do your research before you start shopping.

Some extensions are available in many different colors which means that you can see exactly what your hair will look like when the extension is applied. Other types of extensions come in a few different basic shades and you have to make adjustments on your own once they are attached to your natural hair.